Building a simple blog with CubicWeb

CubicWeb is a semantic web application framework that favors reuse and object-oriented design.

This tutorial is designed to help in your very first steps to start with CubicWeb. We will tour through basic concepts such as:

  • getting an application running by using existing components
  • discovering the default user interface
  • basic extending and customizing the look and feel of that application

More advanced concepts are covered in Building a photo gallery with CubicWeb.

Some vocabulary

CubicWeb comes with a few words of vocabulary that you should know to understand what we’re talking about. To follow this tutorial, you should at least know that:

  • a cube is a component that usually includes a model defining some data types and a set of views to display them. A cube can be built by assembling other cubes;
  • an instance is a specific installation of one or more cubes and includes configuration files, a web server and a database.

Reading The Core Concepts of CubicWeb for more vocabulary will be required at some point.

Now, let’s start the hot stuff!