The ‘pyramid’ command

The ‘pyramid’ command is a replacement for the ‘start’ command of cubicweb-ctl tool. It provides the same options and a few other ones.


The ‘pyramid’ command is provided by the pyramid cube.



Run the server in the foreground.


Activate the repository debug mode (logs in the console and the debug toolbar). Implies --no-daemon.

Also force the following pyramid options:

pyramid.debug_authorization = yes
pyramid.debug_notfound = yes
pyramid.debug_routematch = yes
pyramid.reload_templates = yes
-D, --debug

Equals to --debug-mode --no-daemon --reload


Restart the server if any source file is changed


Interval, in seconds, between file modifications checks [current: 1]

-l <log level>, --loglevel=<log level>

Set the loglevel. debug if -D is set, error otherwise

-p, --profile

Enable profiling. See Profiling.


Profiling output file (default: “”)


Dump profile stats to ouput every N requests (default: 100)