3.5. Pre-defined entities in the library

The library defines a set of entity schemas that are required by the system or commonly used in CubicWeb instances.

3.5.1. Entity types used to store the schema

  • CWEType, entity type
  • CWRType, relation type
  • CWRelation, relation definition
  • CWAttribute, attribute relation definition
  • CWConstraint, CWConstraintType, RQLExpression

3.5.2. Entity types used to manage users and permissions

  • CWUser, system users
  • CWGroup, users groups

3.5.3. Entity types used to manage workflows

  • Workflow, workflow entity, linked to some entity types which may use this workflow
  • State, workflow state
  • Transition, workflow transition
  • TrInfo, record of a transition trafic for an entity

3.5.4. Other entity types

  • CWProperty, used to configure the instance
  • EmailAddress, email address, used by the system to send notifications to the users and also used by others optionnals schemas
  • Bookmark, an entity type used to allow a user to customize his links within the instance
  • ExternalUri, used for semantic web site to indicate that an entity is the same as another from an external site