Profiling of requests by the pyramid debug toolbar can be a little restrictive when a specific url needs thin profiling that includes the whole pyramid dispatch.

Pyramid CubicWeb provides facilities to profile requests as a wsgi middleware, and a few views that facilitate profiling of basic features.

The views and the wsgi middleware are activated when the ‘profile’ option is given. This can be done on the command line (cubicweb-ctl pyramid --profile) or in the Pyramid Settings file.


The following routes and corresponding views are provided when profiling is on:

Typical Usage

Let’s say we want to measure the cost of having a cnx.

  • Start the application with profile enabled:

    $ cubicweb-ctl pyramid --no-daemon --profile --profile-dump-every 100
  • Use ‘ab’ or any other http benchmark tool to throw a lot of requests:

    $ ab -c 1 -n 100 http://localhost:8080/_profile/cnx
  • Analyse the results. I personnaly fancy SnakeViz:

    $ snakeviz