Url redirection using pyramid#

This module allow to define redirection rules used by pyramid before route selection.

Each rule has to be added with add_rewriting_rule method in a pyramid includeme function to be used.

Example of usage :

def includeme(config):
    config.add_rewriting_rule(r'<a regex>', callback_method)

The callback_method takes three arguments:

  • a pyramid request ;

  • the url that has to be matched by the rule ;

  • a dictionnary containing all the named subgroups of the regex match.

It must return a string corresponding to the new url.


Add add_redirection_rule pyramid directive and url_redirection_tween pyramid tween handler to the pyramid configuration.

cubicweb.pyramid.url_redirection.add_redirection_rule(config, rule, callback_method)[source]#

Declare a pyramid directive allowing to add a redirection rule. Each rewriting rule can then be added in the includeme at the end of the file by using config.add_redirection_rule(rule, callback_method. :param config: pyramid configuration, used by pyramid. :param rule: a regex used to match uri. :param callback_method: a method which return the redirected uri.

cubicweb.pyramid.url_redirection.url_redirection_tween_factory(handler, registry)[source]#

A pyramid tween handler that browse each redirection_rules added with add_redirection_rule directive to find if the current path matches a rule.