Source code for cubicweb_web.views.ibreadcrumbs

# copyright 2003-2024 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
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# This file is part of CubicWeb.
# CubicWeb is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
# any later version.
# CubicWeb is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with CubicWeb.  If not, see <>.
"""breadcrumbs components definition for CubicWeb web client"""

from logilab.mtconverter import xml_escape

from cubicweb import tags, uilib
from cubicweb.entity import Entity, EntityAdapter
from cubicweb.predicates import (
from cubicweb_web.view import EntityView
from cubicweb_web.views import basecomponents

# don't use AnyEntity since this may cause bug with isinstance() due to reloading

class IBreadCrumbsAdapter(EntityAdapter):
    """adapters for entities which can be"located" on some path to display in
    the web ui

    __regid__ = "IBreadCrumbs"
    __select__ = is_instance("Any", accept_none=False)

[docs] def parent_entity(self): itree = self.entity.cw_adapt_to("ITree") if itree is not None: return itree.parent() return None
[docs] def breadcrumbs(self, view=None, recurs=None): """return a list containing some: * tuple (url, label) * entity * simple label string defining path from a root to the current view the main view is given as argument so breadcrumbs may vary according to displayed view (may be None). When recursing on a parent entity, the `recurs` argument should be a set of already traversed nodes (infinite loop safety belt). """ parent = self.parent_entity() if parent is not None: if recurs: _recurs = recurs else: _recurs = set() if _recurs and parent.eid in _recurs: self.error("cycle in breadcrumbs for entity %s" % self.entity) return [] _recurs.add(parent.eid) adapter = parent.cw_adapt_to("IBreadCrumbs") path = adapter.breadcrumbs(view, _recurs) + [self.entity] else: path = [self.entity] if not recurs: if view is None: if "vtitle" in self._cw.form: # embeding for instance path.append(self._cw.form["vtitle"]) elif view.__regid__ != "primary" and hasattr(view, "title"): path.append(self._cw._(view.title)) return path
class BreadCrumbEntityVComponent(basecomponents.HeaderComponent): __regid__ = "breadcrumbs" __select__ = ( basecomponents.HeaderComponent.__select__ & one_line_rset() & adaptable("IBreadCrumbs") ) order = basecomponents.ApplicationName.order + 1 context = basecomponents.ApplicationName.context separator = "&#160;&gt;&#160;" link_template = '<a href="%s">%s</a>' first_separator = True # XXX support kwargs for compat with other components which gets the view as # argument def render(self, w, **kwargs): try: entity = self.cw_extra_kwargs["entity"] except KeyError: entity = self.cw_rset.get_entity(0, 0) adapter = entity.cw_adapt_to("IBreadCrumbs") view = self.cw_extra_kwargs.get("view") path = adapter.breadcrumbs(view) if path: self.open_breadcrumbs(w) self.render_breadcrumbs(w, entity, path) self.close_breadcrumbs(w) def open_breadcrumbs(self, w): w('<span id="breadcrumbs" class="pathbar">') if self.first_separator: w(self.separator) def close_breadcrumbs(self, w): w("</span>") def render_root(self, w, contextentity, path): root = path.pop(0) if isinstance(root, Entity): w( self.link_template % (self._cw.build_url(root.__regid__), root.dc_type("plural")) ) w(self.separator) self.wpath_part(w, root, contextentity, not path) def render_breadcrumbs(self, w, contextentity, path): self.render_root(w, contextentity, path) for i, parent in enumerate(path): w(self.separator) w("\n") self.wpath_part(w, parent, contextentity, i == len(path) - 1) def wpath_part( self, w, part, contextentity, last=False ): # XXX deprecates last argument? if isinstance(part, Entity): w(part.view("breadcrumbs")) elif isinstance(part, tuple): url, title = part textsize = self._cw.property_value("navigation.short-line-size") w( self.link_template % (xml_escape(url), xml_escape(uilib.cut(title, textsize))) ) else: textsize = self._cw.property_value("navigation.short-line-size") w(xml_escape(uilib.cut(str(part), textsize))) class BreadCrumbETypeVComponent(BreadCrumbEntityVComponent): __select__ = ( basecomponents.HeaderComponent.__select__ & multi_lines_rset() & one_etype_rset() & adaptable("IBreadCrumbs") ) def render_breadcrumbs(self, w, contextentity, path): # XXX hack: only display etype name or first non entity path part root = path.pop(0) if isinstance(root, Entity): w( '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (self._cw.build_url(root.__regid__), root.dc_type("plural")) ) else: self.wpath_part(w, root, contextentity, not path) class BreadCrumbAnyRSetVComponent(BreadCrumbEntityVComponent): __select__ = basecomponents.HeaderComponent.__select__ & any_rset() # XXX support kwargs for compat with other components which gets the view as # argument def render(self, w, **kwargs): self.open_breadcrumbs(w) w(self._cw._("search")) self.close_breadcrumbs(w) class BreadCrumbLinkToVComponent(BreadCrumbEntityVComponent): __select__ = basecomponents.HeaderComponent.__select__ & match_form_params( "__linkto" ) def render(self, w, **kwargs): eid = self._cw.list_form_param("__linkto")[0].split(":")[1] entity = self._cw.entity_from_eid(eid) ecmp = self._cw.vreg[self.__registry__].select( self.__regid__, self._cw, entity=entity, **kwargs ) ecmp.render(w, **kwargs) class BreadCrumbView(EntityView): __regid__ = "breadcrumbs" def cell_call(self, row, col, **kwargs): entity = self.cw_rset.get_entity(row, col) desc = uilib.cut(entity.dc_description(), 50) # NOTE remember camember: tags.a autoescapes self.w( tags.a( entity.view("breadcrumbtext"), href=entity.absolute_url(), title=desc ) ) class BreadCrumbTextView(EntityView): __regid__ = "breadcrumbtext" def cell_call(self, row, col, **kwargs): entity = self.cw_rset.get_entity(row, col) textsize = self._cw.property_value("navigation.short-line-size") self.w(uilib.cut(entity.dc_title(), textsize))