Source code for cubicweb.pyramid.bwcompat

# copyright 2017 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
# copyright 2014-2016 UNLISH S.A.S. (Montpellier, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
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# This file is part of CubicWeb.
# CubicWeb is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
# any later version.
# CubicWeb is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with CubicWeb.  If not, see <>.

"""Backward compatibility layer for CubicWeb to run as a Pyramid application."""

import os
import sys
import pyramid
import inspect
import logging
from socket import gethostname

from datetime import datetime

from pyramid import security
from pyramid import tweens
from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPSeeOther, HTTPException
from pyramid import httpexceptions
from pyramid.settings import asbool
from pyramid.util import is_same_domain

from pyramid.csrf import check_csrf_token, check_csrf_origin
from cubicweb.pyramid.csrf import CWCookieCSRFStoragePolicy

import cubicweb
import cubicweb.web

from cubicweb.web.application import CubicWebPublisher
from cubicweb.debug import emit_to_debug_channel
from cubicweb.web import LogOut, PublishException

from cubicweb.pyramid.core import cw_to_pyramid

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class PyramidSessionHandler(object): """A CW Session handler that rely on the pyramid API to fetch the needed informations. It implements the :class:`cubicweb.web.application.CookieSessionHandler` API. """ def __init__(self, appli): self.appli = appli def get_session(self, req): return req._request.cw_session def logout(self, req, goto_url): raise LogOut(url=goto_url)
[docs]class CubicWebPyramidHandler(object): """A Pyramid request handler that rely on a cubicweb instance to do the whole job :param appli: A CubicWeb 'Application' object. """ def __init__(self, appli, cubicweb_config): self.appli = appli if cubicweb_config["query-log-file"]: self._query_log = open(cubicweb_config["query-log-file"], "a") self._write_to_log = self._write_to_log_file else: self._write_to_log = self._write_to_logger def _write_to_log_file(self, text): self._query_log.write(text) self._query_log.flush() def _write_to_logger(self, text):
[docs] def __call__(self, request): """ Handler that mimics what CubicWebPublisher.main_handle_request and CubicWebPublisher.core_handle do """ cubicweb_request = request.cw_request cubicweb_registry = request.registry["cubicweb.registry"] try: content = None try: with cw_to_pyramid(request): controller_id, rset = self.appli.url_resolver.process( cubicweb_request, cubicweb_request.path ) try: controller = cubicweb_registry["controllers"].select( controller_id, cubicweb_request, appli=self.appli ) except cubicweb.NoSelectableObject as ex: warning_message = ( "failed to select a controller for this request " f"{cubicweb_request.path} {request.method}." ) if ex.objects: candidates = "\n * ".join(repr(x) for x in ex.objects) warning_message += ( " Here were the candidates controllers (but none matched): \n * " f"{candidates}" ) else: warning_message += " There was no candidate controller." log.warning(warning_message) raise httpexceptions.HTTPBadRequest( cubicweb_request._( "couldn't handle this request as it is either badly formed or is " "lacking the correct authorizations" ) ) safe_methods = frozenset(["GET", "HEAD", "OPTIONS", "TRACE"]) if request.method not in safe_methods and getattr( controller, "require_csrf", True ): check_csrf_token(request) check_csrf_origin(request) self._write_to_log( "REQUEST [%s] '%s' selected controller %s at %s:%s" % ( controller_id, cubicweb_request.path, controller, inspect.getsourcefile(controller.__class__), inspect.getsourcelines(controller.__class__)[1], ) ) emit_to_debug_channel( "vreg", { "vreg": cubicweb_registry, }, ) emit_to_debug_channel( "controller", { "kind": controller_id, "request": cubicweb_request, "path": cubicweb_request.path, "controller": controller, "config": self.appli.repo.config, }, ) cubicweb_request.update_search_state() content = controller.publish(rset=rset) # XXX this auto-commit should be handled by the cw_request # cleanup or the pyramid transaction manager. # It is kept here to have the ValidationError handling bw # compatible if cubicweb_request.cnx: transaction_uuid = cubicweb_request.cnx.commit() # commited = True if transaction_uuid is not None:[ "last_undoable_transaction" ] = transaction_uuid except cubicweb.web.ValidationError as ex: # XXX The validation_error_handler implementation is light, we # should redo it better in cw_to_pyramid, so it can be properly # handled when raised from a cubicweb view. # BUT the real handling of validation errors should be done # earlier in the controllers, not here. In the end, the # ValidationError should never by handled here. content = self.appli.validation_error_handler(cubicweb_request, ex) except cubicweb.web.RemoteCallFailed as exception: raise pyramid.httpexceptions.exception_response( exception.status, body=exception.dumps(), content_type="application/json", charset="utf-8", ) if content is not None: request.response.body = content except LogOut as ex: # The actual 'logging out' logic should be in separated function # that is accessible by the pyramid views headers = security.forget(request) raise HTTPSeeOther(ex.url, headers=headers) except cubicweb.AuthenticationError: # Will occur upon access to cubicweb_request.cnx which is a # cubicweb.dbapi._NeedAuthAccessMock. if not content: content = cubicweb_registry["views"].main_template( cubicweb_request, "login" ) request.response.status_code = 403 request.response.body = content except cubicweb.web.NotFound as ex: view = cubicweb_registry["views"].select("404", cubicweb_request) content = cubicweb_registry["views"].main_template( cubicweb_request, view=view ) request.response.status_code = ex.status request.response.body = content finally: # XXX CubicWebPyramidRequest.headers_out should # access directly the pyramid response headers. request.response.headers.clear() for ( header_name, header_values, ) in cubicweb_request.headers_out.getAllRawHeaders(): for item in header_values: request.response.headers.add(header_name, item) return request.response
def error_handler(self, exc, request): req = request.cw_request if isinstance(exc, httpexceptions.HTTPException): request.response = exc elif isinstance(exc, PublishException) and exc.status is not None: request.response = httpexceptions.exception_response(exc.status) else: request.response = httpexceptions.HTTPInternalServerError() request.response.cache_control = "no-cache" vreg = request.registry["cubicweb.registry"] excinfo = sys.exc_info() req.reset_message() if req.ajax_request: content = self.appli.ajax_error_handler(req, exc) else: try:["ex"] = exc["excinfo"] = excinfo errview = vreg["views"].select("error", req) template = self.appli.main_template_id(req) content = vreg["views"].main_template(req, template, view=errview) except Exception: content = vreg["views"].main_template(req, "error-template") log.exception(exc) request.response.body = content return request.response
[docs]class TweenHandler(object): """A Pyramid tween handler that submit unhandled requests to a Cubicweb handler. The CubicWeb handler to use is expected to be in the pyramid registry, at key ``'cubicweb.handler'``. """ def __init__(self, handler, registry): self.handler = handler self.cwhandler = registry["cubicweb.handler"] def _host_is_allowed(self, host): allowed_http_host_headers = { x.lower().strip() for x in self.cwhandler.appli.repo.config[ "allowed-http-host-headers" ].split(",") } if "*" in allowed_http_host_headers: return True # normalize host = host.lower().strip() for allowed_http_host_header in allowed_http_host_headers: if is_same_domain(host, allowed_http_host_header): return True return False def __call__(self, request): view_kind = "pyramid" now = str(".")[0] config_file_path = os.path.join( self.cwhandler.appli.repo.config.appdatahome, "all-in-one.conf" ) host = request.headers.get("X-Forwarded-Host") or request.headers.get("Host") if host and not host.startswith("["): # not an ipv6 host = host.split(":", 1)[0] if not host: log.warning( f"denied request on {request.method} {request.path} because the request didn't " "provided a Host nor a X-Forwarded-Host header. The host value must be compatible " f"with the list: '{self.cwhandler.appli.repo.config['allowed-http-host-headers']}'." "This is set through the option 'allowed-http-host-headers' in the section '[WEB]' " f"of the setting file {config_file_path}." ) raise httpexceptions.HTTPForbidden() try: # protection against host header attacks and another layer of protection against CSRF # based on django works # if not self._host_is_allowed(host): log.warning( f"denied request on {request.method} {request.path} because the request host " f"'{host}' is not in the allowed-http-host-headers list: " f"{self.cwhandler.appli.repo.config['allowed-http-host-headers']}'." "This is set through the option 'allowed-http-host-headers' " f"in the section '[WEB]' of the setting file {config_file_path}." ) raise httpexceptions.HTTPForbidden() try: response = self.handler(request) except httpexceptions.HTTPNotFound: view_kind = "cubicweb" response = self.cwhandler(request) print( f"{now} - ({view_kind} view) " f'"{request.method} {request.path}' f' {request.http_version}" ' f"{response.status_code} {len(response.body)}" ) except HTTPException as e: print( f'{now} - ({view_kind} view) "{request.method} ' f'{request.path} {request.http_version}" ' f"{e.code} {len(e.body)}" ) # we don't want a traceback for a redirection, only for errors or others if not (300 <= e.code < 400): cubicweb.console.print_exception() raise return response
[docs]def includeme(config): """Set up a tween app that will handle the request if the main application raises a HTTPNotFound exception. This is to keep legacy compatibility for cubes that makes use of the cubicweb urlresolvers. It provides, for now, support for cubicweb controllers, but this feature will be reimplemented separatly in a less compatible way. It is automatically included by the configuration system, but can be disabled in the :ref:`pyramid_settings`: .. code-block:: ini cubicweb.bwcompat = no """ cwconfig = config.registry["cubicweb.config"] repository = config.registry["cubicweb.repository"] cwappli = CubicWebPublisher( repository, cwconfig, session_handler_fact=PyramidSessionHandler ) cwhandler = CubicWebPyramidHandler(cwappli, cwconfig) config.registry["cubicweb.appli"] = cwappli config.registry["cubicweb.handler"] = cwhandler config.add_tween("cubicweb.pyramid.bwcompat.TweenHandler", under=tweens.EXCVIEW) if not cwconfig["allowed-http-host-headers"]: config_file_path = os.path.join(cwconfig.appdatahome, "all-in-one.conf") if not cwconfig.in_debug_mode: raise Exception( "You've tried to launch your application without setting the configuration option " f"'allowed-http-host-headers' in the section '[WEB]' in your configuration file " f"'{config_file_path}'. This is now a required security option which needs to " "contains a commas separated list hosts like ''. Every request sent " "to your CubicWeb application with a host value not present in this list will be " "rejected as it might be someone trying to forge URL. You need to set it to " "the expected hosts to reach your application like " "'' and you can use '' if you need a wildcard." "\n" "\n" "For example:," ) else: cwconfig[ "allowed-http-host-headers" ] = f"localhost,.locahost,,{gethostname()}" log.warning( "this instance is being launched in debug mode **without** any value for the " "setting 'allowed-http-host-headers' in the '[WEB]' section of your configuration " f"file '{config_file_path}'. This option has been set to " f"'{cwconfig['allowed-http-host-headers']}' but this will only be done **when " "debug mode is on**. Without the debug mode, cubicweb will **refuse** to launch " "this instance without the setting 'allowed-http-host-headers' set." ) if cwconfig["interface"] == "": cwconfig["interface"] = "" log.warning( "[WEB]interface was set as, this would have cause all requests to be " "rejected since this ip is not in allowed-http-host-headers. Therefore it's " "value wouldn't have worked and has been changed to instead " "(which pyramid might display as 'localhost')" ) config.set_default_csrf_options(require_csrf=True) config.set_csrf_storage_policy(CWCookieCSRFStoragePolicy()) if asbool(config.registry.settings.get("cubicweb.bwcompat.errorhandler", True)): config.add_view(cwhandler.error_handler, context=Exception) # XXX why do i need this? config.add_view(cwhandler.error_handler, context=httpexceptions.HTTPForbidden)