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""" Tools for profiling.

See :ref:`profiling`."""

import cProfile
import itertools

from pyramid.view import view_config

[docs]@view_config(route_name="profile_ping") def ping(request): """View that handle '/_profile/ping' It simply reply 'ping', without requiring connection to the repository. It is a useful as a comparison point to evaluate the actual overhead of more costly views. """ request.response.text = "pong" return request.response
[docs]@view_config(route_name="profile_cnx") def cnx(request): """View that handle '/_profile/cnx' Same as :func:`ping`, but it first ask for a connection to the repository. Useful to evaluate the overhead of opening a connection. """ request.cw_cnx request.response.text = "pong" return request.response
[docs]def wsgi_profile(app, filename="", dump_every=50): """A WSGI middleware for profiling It enable the profiler before passing the request to the underlying application, and disable it just after. The stats will be dumped after ``dump_every`` requests :param filename: The filename to dump the stats to. :param dump_every: Number of requests after which to dump the stats. """ profile = cProfile.Profile() counter = itertools.count(1) def application(environ, start_response): profile.enable() try: return app(environ, start_response) finally: profile.disable() if not % dump_every: print("Dump profile stats to %s" % filename) profile.create_stats() profile.dump_stats(filename) return application