The ‘pyramid’ command#

The ‘pyramid’ command is a replacement for the ‘start’ command of cubicweb-ctl tool. It provides the same options and a few other ones.



Run the server in the foreground.


Activate the repository debug mode (logs in the console and the debug toolbar). Implies --no-daemon.

Also force the following pyramid options:

pyramid.debug_authorization = yes
pyramid.debug_notfound = yes
pyramid.debug_routematch = yes
pyramid.reload_templates = yes
-D, --debug#

Equals to --debug-mode --no-daemon --reload


Restart the server if any source file is changed


Interval, in seconds, between file modifications checks [current: 1]

-l <log level>, --loglevel=<log level>#

Set the loglevel. debug if -D is set, error otherwise


Profiling output file (default: “”)


Dump profile stats to ouput every N requests (default: 100)