Create a data-oriented web application CubicWeb 4#


This tutorial aims to demonstrate how to create a data-oriented web application using CubicWeb 4. This application will be a catalog of museums using data from the French Ministry of Culture.

To get started, we will setup a development environment for CubicWeb, then create an instance and check that it is accessible with a web browser.

As a second step, we will define the data model of the application, re-create the database of the instance with this new schema, then check that a generic admin interface provided by the web cube (server component) allows us to add and display cities and museums.

As a third step, we will quickly develop an independant user interface using NextJS and ReactJS, that will query the database using the RQL language and display the museums on a map.

As a fourth and final step, we will load the data downloaded form the repository of the French Ministry of Culture, then expose that data using content negotiation and the RDF standard.

You can find the code of the finished tutorial in our forge, by looking for the cube tuto.