Starting from CubicWeb version 4.0 all code related to generating html views has been moved to the Cube cubicweb_web.

If you want to migrate a project from 3.38 to 4.* while still using all the html views you need to both install the cubicweb_web cube AND add it to your dependencies and run add_cube('web').

cubicweb_web can be installed from pypi this way:

pip install cubicweb_web

We don’t plan to maintain the features in cubicweb_web in the long run; we are moving to a full javascript frontend using both cubicweb_api (which exposes a HTTP API) and @cubicweb/client as a frontend javascript toolkit.

In the long run cubicweb_api will be merged inside of CubicWeb.

CSS Stylesheet#


Extending / overriding existing styles#

We cannot modify the order in which the application is reading the CSS. In the case we want to create new CSS style, the best is to define it a in a new CSS located under myapp/data/ and use those new styles while writing customized views and templates.

If you want to modify an existing CSS styling property, you will have to use !important declaration to override the existing property. The application apply a higher priority on the default CSS and you can not change that. Customized CSS will not be read first.

CubicWeb stylesheets#